Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend at the farmhouse

After E and I were done with our awesome hot springs hike we headed to Mount Pleasant to enjoy the farmhouse and the company of E's family. We arrived at dinner time on Saturday and went directly to dinner. Nobody was very hungry, except for me, but being the pregnant woman, I got to decide. We headed to the pizza restaurant and had a great evening.

The next day the weather was more of the same, more rain. We slept in, had a yummy farmhouse breakfast hash, and pretty much spent the entire day relaxing. At one point E and I went on a little drive looking for interesting birds, but didn't see much. Later we drove up the the Fairview Cemetery to put flowers on E's grandparent's graves. We headed back while Chelsea and Joe decided to investigate a kitten lead. Chelsea and Joe have been wanting to adopt a kitten for about three months, but hadn't found a litter of kittens. About an hour later Joe and Chelsea arrive back at the farmhouse with the most adorable gray kitten you've ever seen. Nobody is sure if it is a boy or girl, so a final name has yet to be decided. However, spending the rainy afternoon playing with a tiny gray fur ball was great fun.
That night E decided to make his famous Dutch Oven Goulash, which sounded really good to all of us. What's better on a cold rainy night than baked pasta covered in cheese? After dinner E whooped my butt in a game of checkers.

Here are E and David outside working on dinner. Didn't I take this exact same picture last year? As I remember, it was a cold rainy May last year too.
On Monday we woke up to sunny skies (why does it only rain on the weekend?) so E and I decided to take a little walk. The weather was PERFECT, warm but not hot, beautiful, and clear. All the lilacs were in bloom so the entire town smelled of a perfect spring. Later that day we took a little drive with David to one of our favorite spots where we walked around looking for birds and such. David and E spotted two snakes in the grass, so that was neat. Back at the farmhouse we had a hot dog BBQ before cleaning up and heading home. Overall, it was a great weekend.


  1. Ethan4:42 PM

    Great kitten pic! I especially love the "fresh kill" in the foreground.

  2. We were in Spring City on Saturday for their house tour they do every year. It's fun to be down in those little towns...


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