Sunday, July 21, 2013

Albion Basin at sunset

We hiked Cecret Lake late this afternoon and stayed up the canyon for dinner. I took lots of photos from both our hike and our dinner, but really they don't compare to these.

On the way in I noticed the most intense felid of yellow Mule's Ear daisies. The flowers were thick, tall, vibrant, and seemingly infinite. I said to E "I want to stop there on the way out and take a few photos."
What I came home with was way better than just "a few photos." We happened to be leaving the canyon right at sunset, only ten minutes later and the sun would have already dipped behind the mountain. But we arrived in just the knick of time, and the light was like honey.

I've learned that she loves to show me her belly button, and she always gives me a huge smile once she finds it. Glad I remembered this little trick.
I was so excited to post these photos, none are edited. Not a single change. Saturation and light levels are just as they were when I snapped the photos.

This photo might be my favorite of all time. Love love love.
Really, what's not to love?
E snapped this one with his cellphone. While the 50mm is perfect for the shots above, it really is FANTASTIC to see where this field of flowers lie.
The light couldn't have been more perfect.


  1. INCREDIBLE images, Jessica! :) what a find!

  2. Fantastic photos! Such sweet memories! I love the show me your belly button/smile trick!!! Great post.


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