Sunday, July 07, 2013

Cabin in July

Only recently has traveling with two small children become easier. Not a lot easier, per se, but easier than it was. Juliet seems to be over the worst of her teething (remember the farmhouse trip?!!) and James seems to be over the worst of his three-year-old-test-every-rule-in-the-book-phase. Not to say either kid is ever perfect, far from it, but easier, if even we scooted over just a millimeter on the easy scale.

Juliet is walking so well unassisted, suddenly she seems so big. Tall and happy and beautiful. I feel like I can easily see her five year old self in this photo, she looks so grown-up somehow.
Some days this boy seems so big. A lot of days he seems so big, but I remind myself often that he's still little. Three is little. He's still my little boy.
The cabin in early July is the best and worst of cabin season. Everything is green and alive and simply stunning but the mosquitos and flies are out with a vengeance. Everyone wore long sleeves and pants even though the air was quite warm.
We took special care to coat our little baby in bug spray and never take her hat off. Got to protect her!
Exploring the meadow is one of my favorite things in the entire world. I never ever grow tired of it. We are always the only ones, and there are so many secret little spots where the river glides into and out of the woods.

We met my Mom and Chuck, my aunt and uncle and even my Grandma up there. We all laughed and enjoyed lunch before heading out onto a hike.
Best family photo to date!
James has been phasing out his naps out as of late. I still put him down for a nap each day, without fail, and he only sleeps about 40% of the time. Some weeks are great, others horrible. But one bonus is that we knew staying away from home through nap time wouldn't be a big deal for this kiddo.
The secret trail to "our lake" is super fun. At one part you have to balance on an old pipe and cross a river. Every kid in my family has loved this part of the hike. It was so fun that James could now experience it for himself.
Up up up. So green with so many different wildflowers in bloom.
Once at the lake we all threw rocks with James and sticks for the dogs. E walked back and forth along the path for quite some time so Juliet could stay asleep in the pack (such a good dad). Pretty soon we all decided we were hot from our hike and all wanted to jump in the water. Now, none of had suits, but my family is kinda crazy and known for skinny dipping. We all stripped down (leaving our underwear on, as not to scare off E) and jumped in.

The water was wonderful, not nearly as cold as the year I jumped in while pregnant with James. I kept trying to convince James to come swim, and he kept saying he was fine to throw rocks. Then finally he said he wanted to get in and to get naked!

While he never actually "swam" it was fun to say he'd been in the lake I've been swimming in since I was three. He stood knee deep in the water for quite some time throwing rocks while I floated out in the deeper water.
The skies cleared and it was seriously heaven on earth (click on the image to see it full size!).
Juliet woke while we were still up there and was quite happy considering how short her nap was.
Hiking back down was quick and easy. I stopped a couple of times to take photos of wildflowers. This one, Indian Paintbrush, is among my favorites.
Back on the deck we played with the kiddos, caught up with family and served a delicious dinner. Cabin days are among my favorite days of all.
And to see a very short very amateur video of our hike, click here.

The night after we got home Juliet had a really rough time, crying on and off throughout the night. The next morning, while changing her diaper I was horrified to find she was COVERED in bug bites. Not normal bug bites, oh no, she is allergic. Both her legs were so swollen and blotchy. It was absolutely horrible. What's crazy? She wore long pants the entire time we were there. Mosquitos can apparently bite you even through leggings. Evil little devils. Poor Juliet is feeling only marginally better, today has been a rough day. But who can blame her, look at her legs!

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  1. Poor girl!!! That's pretty much my life in the summer.. I'm really allergic, too. Regardless of how thick my clothing is or how much bug spray I wear, I get eaten alive. Especially since I live in Florida for all but 3 months of the year, my feet stay giant and swollen with 60+ bites. -_- Believe it or not, aloe (straight from the leaf) actually does give some relief. And ice for swelling. Hope Juliet feels better!


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