Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Juliet is 17 months!

Juliet is 17 months. That is big. She's all over the place: talking, mimicking, shouting, dancing, walking so fast I have to run to keep up, and everything else. She is trouble too! Oh my. She knows it. When she's about to do something she shouldn't, she looks at you, give you a sly little grin and then goes on her merry way.

Oh what fun 17 months is! She understands SO MUCH. She speaks 15-20 words consistently and it really playing with James. She understands taking turns, splashing bigger than her brother and sliding down the slide so fast it about gives me a heart attack.
She is still such a shy girl though. She looks away and almost always cries when a stranger tries to talk to her. She ALWAYS cries when someone she knows and loves tries to talk to her. It is exhausting at family parties that her own grandparents can't even smile at her without her melting down.
She knows lots of her body parts including hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, tummy, fingers, toes and her favorite of all: belly button.
Hair is long and crazy. Most days I pull it up off her face, and lots of days I pull it up off her neck too, since it's been so hot.
She uses a fork and spoon correctly (and is sometimes the only way we can get her to eat), will go get a specific item when asked, loves to pretend to sleep (with fake snores and all), and will either answer an enthusiastic "yea!" or shake her head no to all questions asked to her.
Her four canine teeth are almost in. She naps alone in the basement each day for two-three hours, sleeps all night in her room and rises the earliest of all (most days around six).

She is fantastic.

Current words she says:
James, Mama, Daddy, Hot, Thanks, Ball, Dog, Meow meow, Uh-oh!, Yum, Yea, Hi, Bye-bye!, tickle tickle, blue, and a few others.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Outfit from Gymboree!

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