Monday, July 01, 2013

Birthday weekend {E turns 32!}

The only thing better than your own birthday weekend is that of your spouse. Seriously, so much good food and fun.

It has been HOT this week and temperatures over the weekend reached over 100 degrees each day. But we stayed cool by eating more than we should, playing in the pool and another Sunday hike in our fantastic mountains.

We started off the weekend by going out to breakfast. Now that Juliet is moved to one nap a day, we can resume this favorite weekend tradition. Blue Plate it amazing. Out of this world good.
Saturday night be put the kids to bed and headed out the door to our favorite restaurant in the entire state. We were so so excited for sushi. Takashi never disappoints, it was fantastic.
My favorite of all. Seriously, amazing.
Sunday morning we woke up early and headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon in hopes of hiking Cecret Lake. No such luck, the road was still closed due to snow. However we made the best of it and hiked the Meadow Trail and it was fantastic.
Steep and oh so hard. We thought we'd escape most of the heat being up so high in the morning hours, but it was still really hot.
Poor Juliet needs to wear long sleeves and pants whenever we out in the woods in mosquito season. Poor baby is really allergic. Luckily she didn't get bitten!
James was such a trooper. This hike was a little too steep for his legs (they are half the lengh of mine!) but he kept trekking on. Next time we'll hike Cecret Lake for sure.
We finished out the weekend with a very hot trip to the pool where we had so much fun. James loves jumping of the edge of the pool if he can touch the bottom when he lands. Juliet is a FISH! I can not keep her face out of the water. She loves it. She will be swimming before I know it. 

And tonight (as today is E's actual birthday) we celebrated with filet mignon and margaritas. Life is good. Next up, the fourth of July and our anniversary. Can't wait. 

Looking back through this post I realize that I don't have a single picture of the birthday boy. Lame. 

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