Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime, and the livin' is easy

I realized the other day that I've hardly posted Instagram updates as of late. My IG feed is looking so summery and colorful, I decided I better post a few recent favorites. As always, follow along on IG. User name is @happierstill.

1. Rule breaker. 2. Swim party popsicles. 3. Ice cream and cupcake truck?! YES!

4. Summer fun. 4. James has never left my side, swim class looks like this daily. He won't get off his darn towel. 5. Evening fort in the backyard.

6. He found a broken sprinkler that was shooting three stories high. He stuck his head in it, of course. 7. Stop and smell the roses. 8. My sweet friend Michelle took this photo of us. Cutest ever!

1. First day of swim class, we were hopeful. 2. More swimming! 3. Fireworks. The sparklers were a hit.

4. She's a fish. 5. He got his "briefcases" and said "I'm going to work, ok? See you at dinner time! Will you start the car for me?" 6. You can usually find us here.

7. Raspberry picking. 8. Otter pops in the stripy shade. 9. Visit to Temple Square to see the flowers.

1. She's 17 months! 2. Walking as fast as her little legs will take her. 3. Itty bitty Mike and Ike "popsicles".

4. Rainbow stairs at the Children's Museum. 5. Fingers in the ears helped him enjoy the fireworks. 6. Poolside.

7. The girls on the fourth. 8. If we arrive at nine a.m. we've got the splash pad to ourselves. 9. Snugglin'.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Lovely shots as always. How did you get the writing on the shot of James during his swim class? Also, I wanted to email you about something. Is this possible? My email is

  2. Sorry didn't finish. I just don't see a place where I can contact you but maybe I'm just missing it.

  3. Jen, I just emailed you. As far as the writing on the photo, I used an app called beautiful mess! xoxo


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