Thursday, July 18, 2013

Watermelon on a hot day

It has been hot hot hot. In the triple digits all week.

And we've been poolside every day at nine am for swim class for James. By the end of the hour Juliet and I are so hot and tired of sitting in the sun we are ready to cool off big time.

Today the kids were begging for some watermelon. A huge fresh watermelon sat on our counter ready to be sliced, and they couldn't wait.

So we made some enormous slices and headed to the backyard so the drips could at least land on someplace other than my kitchen floor.

As I snapped a few of these photo I was brought back to this post, where again, I shared watermelon with my baby on a too hot day in summer three years ago. Looking at those pictures again I can hardly believe this almost four year old is the same kid. Bittersweet for sure.

The humidity is doing wonders for her curls.
Messy face = happy baby.
Some days her eyes are so brown. Other days they are clear green. We've been calling them hazel, but not sure where they'll finally land.
Soon they moved to the bench and I was totally laughing watching these two babies of mine devour their watermelon.

Happy middle of summer!


  1. Hilariously fantastic photos!!! So fun! Have a great weekend!

  2. I share the brown/green eyes! However, mine used to be totally brown when I was younger, they've changed to hazel in the last couple years.


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