Friday, November 09, 2007

Sexy song

Have you heard of Michael Bublé? The sexy Italian/Canadian fellow that can sing hot songs? Well my aunt and uncle introduced us to him when we were in England, and since then E and I have really enjoyed listening to his songs.

When I hear this song (below) I always think of driving fast on the tiny little English roads in the countryside while cow pastures, manor houses, and flowerbeds zip by. I hope you agree it's a sexy song too ;).


  1. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Hi Jess, Happy to report Buble is playing in London first of December and we will be going to see him. If you've never seen him in concert and you get the chance, GO! He is brilliant.
    xx p

    P.S. Glad to know we weren't a totally evil influence on you guys - at least our cocktail hours offered some amount of culture besides all the drinking!

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    You need our help here!!
    May we point you in the direction of one VERY awesome singer... who incidently is incredibly gorgeous. Listen to his rich passionate voice, check out the chocolate brown eyes and you will never be the same!! Bublé isn't even in the same league - either musically or in any other way. ;)

    He sings in Italian too!! ;)


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