Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top ten things I love about the holidays

I posted this list two years ago on my blog, and wanted to repost it. Looking over the list makes me realize how much has changed in two short years, but the list is still true. I'll make updates in blue.

10. Christmas Music- I am a total sucker for Christmas music. Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, I’m in Christmas music heaven. I love The Carpenters, Neil Diamond and many others. I can’t wait to start singing along once again! True true true! Still the same as today!

9. Fondue- Every year on New Years Eve we have a huge fondue dinner with my family. Crunchy bread, broccoli, and bell peppers all dipped into a cheesy goodness makes for a great night. This tradition stopped after my parents divorce. I'm not sure what we'll do this year for New Years, but it won't be a fondue party with my entire family.

8. Setting up the Christmas tree- the day after Thanksgiving I love to get out all my Christmas stuff, including the tree. I love to do the lights (I know, I’m crazy) and I love to look through all my ornaments looking for my favorites. My cats seem to think it’s a good way to spend an afternoon too. Yes! True! The day after Thanksgiving I love to set up our tree, but now we have a pre-lit tree, so no more fighting with the lights.

7. Christmas Breakfast- Each year on Christmas morning we have this hash brown casserole thing that I refer to at “Christmas breakfast.” It includes hash browns in a sour cream white sauce with ham and baked eggs on top. It always tastes wonderful. Last year was the first year E and I did Christmas morning on our own. We made Christmas breakfast at home, and it was just the two of us. I plan to do the same this year, but maybe make it not as rushed. Last year we were rushing to get to E's house, but it made our own Christmas feel too rushed, this year I might slow down just a bit (sorry Chelsea!)

6. Snow! I love the first snow fall of the season, and it always gets me in the mood for the holidays. I love being in the warm house when big fat flakes are falling outside, and I also love being outside. Sledding, skiing, snowshoeing or just romping around in fresh powder is magical. Yes! It is true! This year we haven't seen snow yet, but I hope it is coming soon.

5. Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce- I love Thanksgiving. I love that I can eat as much as I want, I love all the different types of food, I love being first with E’s family, then with mine (and the double dinner!) and I love that Thanksgiving kicks of the holiday season for me. Yes, I still love Thanksgiving. However, now I have another dinner with my dad. This year we will do something special on Sunday. I wish my family was all in one place for the holidays, but oh well.

4. Presents- I love that Christmas time is the time for giving. I have fun planning my gifts and making sure I have just the right thing for everyone I love. I also like being in the stores around Christmas time, there is such excitement in the air. And wrapping all the presents I’ve purchased and putting them under the tree can’t be missed. (And I love opening my presents on Christmas morning!) Yep! I've already begun my Christmas shopping. I can't wait to purchase more so that there is a heap of gifts under our tree!

3. Luminary Walk- my grandparents started a new tradition a few years ago where we walk to a local cemetery that lights thousands of luminaries right before Christmas. We bundle up, get our flashlights, and set off. The cemetery is so beautiful! When we return we eat a big bowl of chili. Last year we didn't do this. My Grandpa was too sick. This year we won't do it either. :(

2. Christmas Eve- My second favorite thing about the season has to be the Christmas Eve party my grandparents throw each year. All the excitement for the next day is building, the food is spectacular, and it’s so fun to dress up! Everyone is so happy to be together, and we all have a wonderful time. This is my absolute favorite Christmas tradition, but last year was the first in memory that our Christmas Eve party didn't happen. Grandpa was so sick. This year we won't do the party either. Last year's Christmas was so difficult for my Grandma, she is traveling this year for Christmas. Two years in a row without the Christmas Eve party. Maybe next year it will come back.

1. Family- The thing I love most about the holidays is that is about family. It means so much to me being with the people I love that all the other stuff is just an add on. Being with my fiancé, parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles makes me truly thankful for the season. This is still true. My Grandpa is no longer with us, and my Grandma won't be around this year. Also, my parents are divorced so being all together is a thing of the past. However, that doesn't make my relationship with each person less special.

Thanks to Martha Stewart and Google Images for the very fine Christmasy photos!

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