Friday, November 30, 2007

My Christmas list!

I wanted to post my Christmas list just for fun. I don't want any of you wonderful friends that read the blog to think this is a hint on what to buy me (because most of it has been purchased already!). I reason I am posting my Christmas list is for me, because it is fun to look back a few years from now and see what I was asking for. So, what do I want this year for Christmas?
2007 Christmas List
1. New ski coat
2. New ski pants
(The last time I got a new ski coat and pants was when I was 14, I'm still wearing them, I think it is time for an upgrade!)
3. Lei Mei- BEAUTIFUL new doll from American Girl that E is getting me!
4. Purple Croc Mary Jane shoes
5. Gift certificate to favorite restaurants
6. B&N and gift certificates
7. American girl items including Emily's snow suit, Nicki's ski outfit and gear, and sleepover PJs.
8. Harry Potter mug and t-shirt

So, that is my Christmas list for this year. Lei Mei is already under the Christmas tree, however E says it is not her, because he's trying to trick me ;).


  1. I am really sorry baby, I don't know what to tell you. You know that I have been having problems getting Lei Mei, there have been all sorts of UPS mix ups. I just hope that I can work something out before Christmas....

  2. Yep, I heard that UPS has a picture of you up in the main headquarters that says "New Policy: DO NOT deliver to this person"


  3. Chelsea!!!! Gosh!!! You are rude! You need a kick! ;)

  4. I heard you're not getting Lei Mei, but rather a giant Shapoklyak with her little weasel!

    Don't let her steal your train tickets!


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