Friday, June 19, 2009

Dance party at my Grandma's

Since my aunt and uncle (Penny and Dave) are in town my Grandma has been hosting a lot of parties. Most of them have had to be indoor parties due to the rain, but last night the skies threatened, but were mostly clear!

Penny and Dave have been wanting to learn to dance for awhile, and Penny's dad knows quite a few steps. So Penny decided to organize a little dance party on my Grandma's patio where we could all learn a few basic moves from her father Richard. I was a little unsure about the idea at first, but the idea was fantastic! Richard was a great teacher, we all learned a little something, and we had a fantastic dinner to accompany the night.

Richard taught us the Rumba, which is a great basic Latin dance, and works well with lots of songs. The steps were quick quick slow, and E and I caught on fairly well. Remembering what we learned will be the key.

And a little side note - thank you for everyone that has been leaving me such wonderful comments lately! I love reading them. If you don't comment, that is okay, don't feel like you need to, but thank you for those of you who do. I love 'um!

Here is some of the party, E, my Mom (who couldn't stay), my Grandma, Maurice, my Aunt Laura, Maryella, and Penny's Dad Richard.
Richard teaches everyone the steps. Here E and Laura are dancing.
Dave and Penny practice the steps.
Maurice spins my Grandma. (No, these two are not dating, just friends)
Beautiful roses as the sun dips low into the sky.

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  1. What a super cute picture of Grandma!


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