Monday, June 08, 2009

Red Butte Garden on a rainy day

It has been rainy here in Utah on and off for an entire week. Some days have been constant rain, and others have been rain, then sun, and then rain again.

Today has been one of those days where it goes from clouds and wind, to sun, and then to rain in minutes. In fact, right now, it is pouring outside. E decided to take the day off work because he was traveling last weekend and a bit of this weekend. We didn't want the entire day to go to waste, so despite the cloudy skies and wind, we decided to head up to Red Butte Garden for a little walk.

As soon as we got there the rain started, but didn't last. E and I sat under a wisteria vine and waited for the rain to pass while we watched a Mama Robin feed her babies. Within minutes we were walking through the almost deserted garden. All the herbs in the herb garden were wet, giving off their wonderful scent. All the roses looked like they had been kissed by the rain, and of course led to some beautiful photos.

We walked through most of the gardens and along all of our favorite paths looking for birds and animals. As we left the rain clouds were getting darker, and me, being pregnant, was thinking about how hungry I had become. I suggested we stop for coffee and a snack in one of our favorite Utah restaurants. While we were there the sky opened up. It rained and rained. We sat inside eating soup, pie and hot coffee. It was wonderful.

Here is where we sat, under the wisteria vine, waiting for the rain to pass.
A few minutes later the sky was blue and clear. The herb garden after the rain smelled wonderful!
The roses looked so perfect with the fresh raindrops on them.

And a peony, one of my favorite flowers of all.


  1. Your pictures are SO AMAZING!! Hey, I'll be in Salt Lake in a couple weeks. Let's get together- and maybe since you are such a great photographer- you want to do a little pregnancy photo shoot for me since I don't have hardly any pictures? Let me know what you think.

  2. I'd love to see you! Email me when you are in town. I'd love to meet your kids too.


  3. Sounds like a beautifully dreary day. Sometimes those are the best!


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