Monday, June 29, 2009

Two rainy BBQs

E and I had big big plans for our yard. Most included family and friends coming over, enjoying the long warm evenings and sitting on our patio. Well that was the plan anyway. The weather in Utah has been crazy this year! So much rain!

On Thursday we had a late Father's Day BBQ with my dad and sibs. The wind blew, the clouds were dark and black, but luckily we didn't need to relocate inside. The rain held out. The evening was great, and E made a fantastic new recipe: Cabernet Burgers with Rosemary Focaccia. Other than the somewhat nasty weather, we had a great night, and the burgers were excellent!

Here is the fam: Dad, Chandler, Melissa, Kathleen, and Brandon
Then on Friday we hosted another BBQ with our friends. E wanted to try another new recipe: Carne Asada with the most amazing rub! Again, the sky threatened rain so we decided to start the party outside. By the time appetizers were through the rain clouds opened and a torrential downpour started. E moved his BBQ into the garage and the rest of us moved inside. The dinner was a huge hit and Logan, our vegetarian friend, decided to take a bite of the steak because we were all making such a fuss about how good it was. I guess you know you've got a hit when the vegetarian friend breaks his rules. It was really a fantastic meal. Just wish the weather had been better.

Logan, Brooke, Justin, Mike, myself and E enjoy the patio before the weather turns...
And then we moved inside and watched the sheets of rain pouring from the sky.

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