Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend in photos

On Friday night the weather was fantastic so E and I planned a Father's Day BBQ with his family. We are so happy we planned it for Friday, because Saturday and Sunday were both rainy.

Here is a little shot of our garden and a photo of our bar cart! Remember Ben and Jo got us this amazing gift for Christmas? Well it's been in the house for ages but finally the weather was nice enough of Friday to use it outside.
Here are some of the appetizers set out before the party started. The patio table is new along with the chairs. Finally something big enough so that we can all sit down!
Connie, Chelsea and Joe. And the remains of our very yummy salmon dinner.
The brothers. David and father-to-be E. (Steve and I were also there, but the photo was horrible, sorry, can't be posted).
I don't have many photos of Saturday. E and I hung around the house while it rained and then later in the afternoon we went to see Hangover with the guys and then made dinner at Logan and Brooke's new house. The evening was awesome, but I didn't take my camera.

However, I did snap a photo of my afternoon snack on Saturday! Waffles with Nutella and fresh peaches. This honestly is heaven. E thinks it is totally gross, but it isn't. I've been eating this every day for days. Must be a pregnancy thing.
Then on Sunday we decided to go to the farmhouse for the day. The weather was actually beautiful, warm but not hot and the sky was so interesting. One moment it looked like rain, the next moment the entire sky was clear again. So pretty! I took Rebecca with me for some dollie photos.
And inside E and Bo (Chelsea's and Joe's kitty) snuggled on the swing. Here E is reading his new grilling cookbook I got him for Father's Day. He says he wants to make everything, it all looks so good!
This week we are going to celebrate Father's Day with my dad, since he was out of town over the weekend.

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  1. mmmm lovely photos. They make me miss Utah in the summer!


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