Friday, June 05, 2009

Going to the cabin

Today my Grandma, Aunt Laura, Mom and I decided to open the cabin for the season. Opening the cabin just means going up there for the first time in the spring and cleaning off the porch, uncovering all the outdoor furniture, and doing a general clean-up.

We arrived at about ten, and after cleaning for a little while decided to go on a walk. We took a nice walk to the meadow with the spring. There are hundreds of meadows throughout the Utah woods, and we've named all the ones near us, there is Our Meadow, Moose Meadow, the Meadow Over the Hill, and the Meadow with the Spring.

We chatted and had a great time walking with the dogs. After awhile we headed back to the cabin and made a big lunch of sandwiches, fruit, pretzels and even homemade pie. We were about to sit down outside on the porch for lunch when the rain started. Lightly at first, and then heavier. We ate indoors and by the time we were done with lunch we were all freezing. My Grandma heated up some water and made everyone coffee or hot chocolate. We sat in the living room for awhile sipping our drinks joking and talking. After awhile we got too cold to sit still anymore and decided to call it a day.

Next time I go to the cabin, I'm hoping for sun. On the drive home we decided to go a different way than the way we came. We ended up having to reverse the car back up the mountain because the road was still covered with a snow bank! We turned around and traveled down the other canyon safely.

Only a few things have started to bloom. The tree's leaves are tiny and new. These yellow flowers seemed quite happy blooming in Our Meadow. They were the only ones in sight.

My Grandma, Mom and Laura walk through Meadow with the Spring.
After the rain I went out with Violet and snapped a few photos, I love this one of a tiny wildflower covered in raindrops.
And Willow, my Grandma's dog, is so silly. He loves water, it doesn't matter that this water is newly melted snow, he needed to lay down in it.

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