Saturday, June 20, 2009

It is Saturday, of course it is raining

This June has been the wettest on record, and the state of Utah has been keeping records for over 100 years. Most days it has rained and rained here, and it has been so cold! Today I'm in a long sleeved shirt, and pants, shoes and socks. No t-shirts and flip flops here.

I really really wish we could have one beautiful day. Yesterday was perfect, but because it was a work day E and I didn't do much. Today, of course, it is pouring. It seems like a Saturday tradition.

Here are two photos I took of our rain chain. I was playing with the manual settings on my camera, trying to get a nice blurred effect of the falling water.


  1. Where can I get some of these cute things?

  2. We got the rain chain at Lowes!


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