Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy weekend garden party

As I've mentioned again and again, it has rained non stop here for about two weeks. My Grandma was hoping and hoping the rain would clear so the party she had planned could be out in her spectacular garden. Sunday came and the skies looked dark. My aunt and uncle were in town from London, we were celebrating my cousin's 18th birthday and graduation from high school, and bidding farewell to my other cousin who is spending the entire summer in Mexico volunteering.

The idea for the garden party was a light summer salad party, so everyone was instructed to bring salads. At 5:30 I arrived to a very rainy garden with my salad in hand. Everyone was thrilled to see me because for the first time ever I have a little baby bump. It was awesome seeing Dave and Penny again, saying congrats to Taylor and hearing about Kendra's boyfriend that got swine flu (yes, he got it!). E arrived a little late from a very exciting weekend in Vegas with the guys.

The party was a huge hit, everyone had a great time, the salads were awesome, and even though we weren't in the garden, we still celebrated as if we were.

The garden was beautiful, but much to rainy to enjoy.
Instead we ate inside.
Everyone enjoyed talking in the living room.
Me and my sis Melissa (yes, same dress as tea, it is the only one that still fits!).
This is blurry, but cute. This is Kathleen, Brandon and Chandler.


  1. Jessica...have you noticed that you write a lot like an author? Nice work :)

  2. Jessica, you should post some pictures so that the rest of us can see your belly. :) Can you feel the baby yet?

  3. Yes, I need to post belly photos. I can't feel the baby yet, but probably within the next couple of weeks. Also, we'll find out the gender on June 26th!

  4. that garden looks beautiful :3

    i wish i could see it in real life.

  5. Wow, her garden really is stunning! Too bad about the rain, but it looks like everyone had a nice time. Which ones are your aunt and uncle who live in England?

  6. I posted a photo of Dave and Penny in the Dancing Party post, Caroline, in case you wanted to see what they looked like!


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