Monday, June 29, 2009

Dolls, mice and the lake

What a busy weekend! Summer is finally here, after the two very cold and rainy BBQs we had a blast of summer on Saturday, and it has stuck around. On Saturday I woke up early and drove down to Provo to attend a doll party. Members of the American Girl message boards I belong to sometimes plan parties so people living in the same state can meet face to face and get to know each other. We've done this before, and it is always a ton of fun. This year's party was no different, I've come to know most of the Utah members of the message boards, and some of them a really great friends. After lots of talking we took our dolls out into the gardens of our venue, it was stunning. I'm such a sucker for gardens, I swear, I could live in a beautiful garden and never leave. This garden had a river running right through the center. Large trees arched over the water and moss and flowers covered the ground. In the more formal gardens roses and paths weaved their way through, it was perfect.

(To see Violet's other photos in the garden, check her blog later today).
As soon as I got home from the doll party E and I loaded up the car and headed up the canyon to my cabin. It was a stunning drive! The air was crystal clear and just beautiful. Due to all the rain, everything was so green and fresh. Upon arriving we chatted with my mom, Chuck and my Grandma for a little while.

After about an hour of catching up (and talking about Baby November!) I convinced E to head upstairs to the loft with me to take a little nap. He hates the loft at our cabin because that is where we keep the bedding. Because of this, there are often mice or mouse droppings up there. I twisted his arm long enough to convince him to go up there with me. Finally he agreed to join me upstairs. As I moved the sleeping pads around so we could have a comfy place to nap, E noticed something: mice, and lots of them! One pad had a hole near the bottom, and when I moved the pad that was next to it, mice started spilling out of their home. I screamed, E acted somewhat calm. My Grandma hurried upstairs to try to help us. We grabbed a saucepan thinking we could capture the mice in there, and take them outside. E grabbed the mouse nest mat and took it outside.

When we lifted it we saw our targets: six mice in all, four small babies and two adults. One went running and took a flying leap off towards the stairs, and somehow made it outside (we still have no idea how). The other five scattered. All of us were looking, sweeping and trying to figure out where they went. At one point another jumped to the main floor of the cabin and went directly behind the cupboards, never to be seen again. All in all it was a very exciting alternative to napping. The little mouse that made it outside we were able to watch for awhile and even caught a couple of photos of the cute little guy. We were so sad that we separated him from his parents we put a corn chip near him and covered him with some batting, trying to make him warm for the night. Wow, what excitement. (And see the photo? That is one my mom took of the one and only mouse that made it outside.)

This photo was taken about a month ago (June 5th) of "our meadow".
Look how much it changed in under a month! Lots less water and lots more green trees. Also, there is finally a blue sky!
Later in the afternoon my Aunt Laura and Uncle Mike arrived. E and Chuck started cooking, we wanted to have an entire dutch oven cook-off. My Grandma got out some fantastic appetizers and cocktail hour officially began. E spent time cooking his famous tri-tip roast and Chuck was his apprentice and cooked a really yummy zucchini baked with cheese dish. We even cooked dessert with the dutch ovens, so all in all it was a great night.

Here we all are, sitting down to cocktail hour.
The dutch oven masters at work.
After a very comfy night (surprisingly I only needed to get up to pee once at the cabin!) we woke up to another absolutely perfect day. The sky was clear clear blue and the sun arching off the white aspen bark was dazzling. Laura and Mike were in charge of breakfast at the cabin, and they didn't disappoint. Keep in mind, there is no running water at the cabin for dishes, no electricity, and only a two burner camp stove. They made hash browns, tons of bacon, eggs with mushrooms and onions, pancakes, rhubarb topping, milk, OJ, a fruit plate and salsa. Yes, this was all done in the cabin's very modest kitchen.

Later we decided to take a hike up to the lake. The lake hike has always been a favorite since I was little, and since the day was so beautiful and clear I was really looking forward to it. Hiking, however, when pregnant, is hard work! I was totally out of breath by the top of the first hill. By the time we got to the lake I was beat. Luckily the fabulous view was enough of a spirit boost to help me propel my largeness back down the mountain. When we arrived back in the cabin my Grandma had prepared a beautiful huge lunch for us. We devoured chicken salad, rolls and cherries before packing up and leaving. What a perfect weekend.

Breakfast is served! (And yes, we even have fresh flowers, this is a high class cabin!)
The lake on a beautiful day. E and I want to bring an inflatable raft up when we have children, because going out on the lake is tons of fun.

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  1. awww...the mouse looks really cute, but I still don't want him in my mattress though. But thats a really funny story


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