Friday, June 24, 2011

19 months old! Wolfy!

My little boy is getting so dang big. So dang cute. So dang naughty.

Every day he learns more, understands more and becomes more his own little person.

New things this month?
  • Now we've got a climber! He can climb onto all the couches with ease. He is pretty good about sitting down once he's up there, but has fallen off and conked his head. Poor dude.
  • Running. He's been working on this skill for awhile, but now he hardly ever falls and can run when he's excited (like towards his Dada!)
  • More and more words and sounds. He now asks "down" when he's done with a meal. We knows a few baby tricks and when you try to teach him more he gives you little baby attitude!
  • Pickiest eater ever. We've been struggling with him throwing food on the floor if he doesn't like it, most the time before he's even tried it. I get so frustrated when I prep an entire meal for him and he won't take a single bite, plus it all ends up on the floor. Let's hope this phase is short lived.
  • Good sleeping! He was waking up a lot at night last month, due to teeth but he's doing a lot better this month. Yippee!
  • More interest in TV. We don't watch a lot of tv in our house (under an hour a day) but it is so fun now that James will sit still and watch and point out things he sees on the screen. Tree! Bubbles! Dog!
  • Lots and lots of exploring with Mama. This isn't new per se, but we've had the most fantastic weather this month. Mostly in the 70s! It has been perfect. So this means we've explored a lot of new parks. I love going to a new park with my boy and he loves it too.
Now, onto 19 month Wolfy photos. These are mostly blurry because my kid will not sit still, not for a moment. So it doesn't matter how fast my shutter speed is, I don't get a clear photo of this kid unless we are outside.
Blurry and adorable.

Climbing at lightning speed.
He's up!

And from month 1 until now:

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  1. Connie6:21 PM

    He is so big! But for the record mom, you're about to enter the Terrible Two's Zone!(Throwing food on the floor and not eating is the first indication!) Ahhh! Happy times ahead!


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