Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {feeling bad for myself edition}

Yuck. What a week. I am not really one to complain, but yuck.

E is has been in Paris for work. He set up the meetings not realizing that it was Memorial Day weekend. So while he was enjoying Paris (and oh wow did he enjoy, photos soon!), I was home with the boy in the freezing rain.

Yes, more rain.

We didn't have a moment of sun the entire weekend.

And? James is getting his canine teeth. I thought molars were bad? Ha! I laugh in the face of molars. Canines are horrid. Imagine being alone, waking up at 2:00 am to a child screaming. He wouldn't settle back down until 4:15 am. And a lot of nights have been bad, not just that one.

So, I hardly have any photos to share. All the photos I've taken over the last week are from my cell phone. Most of them were taken when it was raining or in the brief pause between storms when James and I ran outside because we were sick of being indoors.

Sorry I sound so morose today, I don't like to feel this way. I expect lots of great things from this weekend. E is taking a four day weekend and there should be some sun (only Sunday calls for rain, now...). What does this mean? A new summer header! Yippee! Oh, and help at two am when James only wants to be held.

For about two weeks there was a digger up the street in an open lot. James loved it. Each time we went outside (always in coats, mind you), he'd ask to see the digger. Only problem? With so much wet weather the open lot was solid mud. He came home covered in mud each and every time.
He's gotten a lot of use out of all his winter clothes. At least his sweaters are getting lots of love.
He got sidewalk chalk in his Easter basket in April. Finally, I decided to just pull it out and let him have at it. Who cares that is was the end of May and we were both in coats?! He loved it and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Plus, they tastes awesome, according to James.
I have a garden post to share with you soon. But one new installment in our garden this year? This fountain. James LOVES it! So fun to splash in! To drink from! (which is not allowed). To stick his finger in and get himself soaking wet! All of this makes him laugh and laugh. And after a few rough nights, laughter is just what his Mama needs.
Before E left we decided to go to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum because it was raining out (imagine that?!). We loved it! James couldn't get enough of the dino dig sandbox and the end. We will be going back here. And sorry this photo is so grainy, low light and a cell phone camera does that (plus, it was a sand box! Haha! I hope some photography humor lightened the mood in this grouchy post). Onto better days. And sleeping at night.

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