Saturday, June 04, 2011

Owl Forest

E is home. It feels so good to have him back. James was beyond thrilled and has been acting super silly and happy since he saw his Dada's face. I swear, you'd never know what a rough week it was.

Yesterday kind of warmed up. Low 60s, but some sun. We were so excited to go do something as a family that after James's amazing nap (which everyone needed) we went to the Salt Lake Aviary.

The Aviary is located in one of our downtown parks and what we were most excited for was the new Owl Forest. We didn't know what to expect but brought E's zoom lens nonetheless.

In addition to capturing some awesome bird photos we caught this gem:
It is so rare that James will hold my hand. It is a special treat when it happens.


The owls were awesome.

And guess what? We broke out the shorts! Don't mind that James is still in a long sleeved undershirt. We're making slow progress here. And like his shirt? I was thrilled when E showed me what he had picked.

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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    So So SO SO Soooooooo cute!!!! i love the shirt! and the owls! thats so fun! how long is that going on?

    Auntie Melissa


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