Saturday, June 04, 2011

Garden 2011

E and I love to spend every single extra minute outdoors when the weather allows it. One of our favorite places of all is our own backyard. Over the three summers we've lived at our house we've put a lot of love into our yard. And a lot of money.

This year we had plans. Remember last year's side of garage make over? Last year we also got 7.5 tons of dirt delivered so we could rebuild our hill and build a raised garden along the entire length of our back fence. Yea, lots of work and lots of love.

But there was one thing still bugging us:
We had wrap around death steps. They were not secured so once you stepped on them they rolled forward. Hence, we never used them. Also the crumbing sub patio? Awesome.

Another view of the sub patio.
Now? We pulled out all the death steps (well not we, but you get the idea) and built raised beds all the way around from redwood!
So awesome, right?

We used a mix of new and old redwood.
The moss path is filling in so well. I guess a lot of rain does that to moss.
I am in love with my white bleeding heart. Did you know there is a dark pink and white verity?
My friend Allison asked me what I had planted. Our hill has grown in so well since last year! All of these plants are perennials (they come back every year) so I didn't do any planting this year!
Most of our Japanese garden is perennials. Lots of green. Here are a few more favorites.
The hill.

Notice the fountain near our bench. Love it. So does James.
View across the yard. Lots of room for laying a blanket under the trees and letting the kiddo run around.
Looking east towards the veggie garden on a cold rainy day.


  1. How fun and what an improvement! I wish I had a green thumb. My mother-in-law does, so every time I visit her she gives me some extra plants, but somehow they never make it past 6 months. LOL!

  2. YEAH! Trump yard! Thanks for the inspiration. I love how much your yard has changed. You've done a fabulous job! I asked Kyle if he wanted to go to the nursery this weekend, and he about fainted on the spot. ;) Cracked me up.


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