Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {Glorious day at the park}

Is there anything better than blue skies, a few fluffy white clouds and 70 degrees? No. What I just described is a slice of heaven. Still cool enough for pants, but warm enough for sandals. We've been wearing mostly sandals around these parts, and it feels really good to say that, finally.
James happily walked all over the park with me today. And this kid can walk, we probably go close to a mile a day. That is a ways, when you consider he's only 33.5" tall.

At one point he kept pointing up saying "maaaa!" I said "yes, there are birdies up there." He was insistent. "Maaaa!!" Sure enough, he had seen what I had missed, the moon was out.

Reaching. Trees are still his favorite things in the world, pines being at the top of the list.
This is the park only minutes from my home. Spectacular.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Such great shots. Love the one of his little feet in sandals!

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos! I love the perspective of the shots where it looks like he's standing on top of the hill. He's adorable!

  3. Awesome photos! It looks like you guys had a glorious day at the park!

  4. I am just getting back to Black and white Wednesday - love your pictures and the area you live in is beautiful!

  5. These are beautiful. Your son looks so little in comparison to the landscape. It is a really great perspective.

  6. Anonymous7:51 PM

    the picture of him pointing at the moon is too cute!!!

    Aunite Melissa


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