Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot summer Red Butte day

We went to Red Butte Garden again today. We love that place. We go over and over and over and never tire of it's beauty. E and I walked hand in hand at a very quick pace, because James was leading the way and he slows down for no one. Even after being asked about twelve times to please walk slowly, he quickened his little baby pace. He has birdies to watch and "gagas" (waterfalls) to see. He's a busy kid.

What?! A family photo where we are all looking at the camera and smiling? I know. A kind stranger got this awesome shot. Thank you stranger!
He reached for my hand. It is getting more and more rare and more and more lovely.

Right at the end of the loop we stopped in the children's garden. Best part of this garden? The spraying water. Our kid was soaked within minutes. But what makes changing a dripping kid in the parking lot worth it once we were done? All the laughter we got here in the spraying water.
Also? E asked for this 30th birthday present early. He decided to get a Weber smoker. We made ribs tonight. They smoked all afternoon while we were gone and were ready to eat when we returned. Heaven I tell you.


  1. Oh that picture of the water spraying on him is just too cute for words!!!

  2. Connie8:04 PM

    Yes! I adore the water fountain pic! (The food just makes me hungry.)

  3. Wonderful family photo, but I think my favorite is you and James walking away, it is so pretty it is poetic.


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