Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our backyard in Polaroids

If you have an iPhone you probably know about Instagram. It is the app that lets you take and share photos, polaroid style.

I don't use Instragram a ton, but I do quite like it when I seem to remember it. Here are four photos from this morning. James and I took a long walk around the block and finished up in the garden. The weather is PERFECT, so I am a very very happy girl.

James has a new found love of digging in the bark behind the garage.
He also adores tomatoes. This is nothing new, but because he can easily access the tomato plants and is pretty good about only picking the ripe ones, it means he eats way to many tomatoes and is hardly hungry for anything else.
The raised beds are full of flowers. Lots of September flowers equals joy. :)
And our biggest pumpkin is getting even bigger. Can't wait to fill our porch with home-grown pumpkins this year come October.
Happy September. (If you want to follow me on Instagram my user name is Happierstill)

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