Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pregnancy quiz: 21 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks. I even had my 20 week appointment on Tuesday (the big appt. with the big ultrasound!) and everything looks awesome. However Baby Girl is measuring a week small. Late due date? Let's hope not...

Size of Baby: They were able to measure her in ultrasound (how awesome is that!), they said she weighed 12 oz., as much as a can of coke! Not sure her length.

Weight: I was weighed at the docs and I'm up 8 lbs. Seems about right, right?

Sleep: This week it's been pretty good. Makes me feel a lot more sane.

Gender: Confirmed, we are having a girl!

Movement: E felt her this week! She was kicking up a storm on Monday night so I grabbed his hand and after a few hard kicks he said he had definitely felt something. So fun.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Earlier this week I did a lot of crying (remember last Wednesday?!). Now I'm feeling pretty good other than my darn sciatic nerve.

Food Cravings: Nothing notable this week.

Belly Button in or out: In.

What I miss: Being able to run faster than James. He's passed me up.

What I am looking forward to: Nada. I freaking love September, and am enjoying every moment of it.

Weekly Wisdom: I feel much more at ease now that the twenty week appointment is behind us and Baby Girl did beautifully.

Best moment this week: It's all about the weather baby.

Milestones: Dada felt baby's kick.

And as you've noticed, I'm blogging again on a more regular basis. I've already posted my favorite photos of this week (this being my most favorite), so today I only have a couple of cell phone photos, and a video, to share.

Above: James has been such a helper in the garden. He knows how to pick only the ripe tomatoes, and the other day, instead of eating them as quickly as he could pick them, he helped me fill his little green bucket to the brim. Then he picked it up and carried it to the house. So extremely cute I had to get a photo, and although the photo is blurry and full of sun flare, I absolutely adore it.

After nap time yesterday James was in a very silly goofy mood. He was practicing couch gymnastics and when I ran to get my phone so I could send a photo text to E, instead of him stopping what he was doing, he just ramped it up a bit. I love his grin.
Training for the summer Olympics in this freestyle couch routine.
And taken this morning, again, to send to E while he works the day away. Love my little boy so much.
And I posted on Facebook earlier this week that James's three favorite words of the week are bulldozer, salsa and waterlily. Waterlily comes out all mixed up, but I adore it anyway. Here's a video we took just this morning. :)


  1. Jessica he is so cute!

  2. oh my god!!! I just died of cuteness overload!!!! Bulldozer melts my heart!!! And I love how his face lights up when you mention bulldozer!!!

  3. Awww, his couch gymnastics are adorable! And I love his 'bulldozer' and 'salsa'.


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