Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday Playdate

September is my FAVORITE month. It is beyond glorious from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Gardens are huge and ready to be harvested, the mountains are starting to turn orange and red and gold. And the blue endless sky just about kills me. September, I am in love.

James and I have been spending every spare minute outside. Parks and playgrounds are awesome in seventy degrees. Mountain strolls? Even better.

When I texted my girlfriend yesterday to see if she was up for a playdate, and she agreed, we quickly decided that we should go walk the Temple Quarry Trail (here is a link to my favorite Temple Quarry visit, oh and here too).

She and her son had never been there and only lived minutes away. Once we arrived she commented on how lucky she felt to find such a cool toddler-friendly spot.
The boys. They've both changed a lot since I snapped this photo of them last April.
Most trees were still quite green, only little hints of the color that will soon arrive.
One single tree had changed to brilliant orange. Trying to get a photo of James anywhere near this tree was futile.
September sun is the most beautiful.
Both look at me and smile? Not gonna happen.
But my gorgeous friend and her son? My gosh, stunning.
Wild sunflowers are at their peak, everywhere you look: ditches on the edge of roads, hillsides, open lots, it is all full of these cheery guys.
Near the end of the trail the boys found an abandoned power substation. These boys are such boys.

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