Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A few house photos and a kitty update

Thank goodness, the kitties finally seem to be adjusting. After two full days hiding in the basement, I finally decided to force Moose upstairs. Now by force, I was not mean, I just picked him up and he looked around scared and curious. I brought him up, and into the bedroom. I placed him on the bed, which smells familiar, and began giving him lots of pets. He was very scared, but this was a baby step.

After two more times of this, Moose is finally feeling comfortable in our new house. Mabel and Rumpus are also adjusting well. Things are going splendidly!

The boxes are slowly getting unpacked and things are slowly being put away. Every night we assemble some Ikea furniture and tonight we are going to pick up some bookcases from my Mom's house.

So, here are a few photos, remember, this is a work in progress:

After we assemble our new table from Ikea Mabel makes herself right at home. Notice she doesn't seem worried about the new house, unlike the boys.
Finally after two days Rumpus (behind the coffee table) and Moose (on the floor near the couch) join us upstairs with Mabel (on the trunk). Also, the couches are new! They got delivered from Ikea yesterday. I think we'll need a rug soon.
Here is our bedroom. The walls are sage green. We want to decorate the walls with black and white photos from our travels.

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  1. goldgirl8:20 AM

    the house is so beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. Can't wait till I get a chance to visit and check it all out in real life.


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