Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor day, and we are work'n!

Yesterday, the beginning of the holiday weekend, could have been so much better. On the way home from work, someone slammed on their brakes about four cars ahead of me... everyone followed and I rear-ended the person in front of me. Great beginning to the holiday weekend, right? Luckily no-one was hurt and both cars only had minor damage. I didn't receive a ticket, just a warning for following too close. Now I'm going to be in a rental car for the next week or so, because my car needs a new hood and front bumper. The car I hit will only need a new back bumper. Shit.

Anyway, after that stress had passed, E and I started to work! We actually haven't stopped working since we moved in, each and every night I just have one more thing to clean up before going to bed, so it ends up we stay up way way too late. E and I have also become Ikea pros, we can pretty much put together anything, without mistakes. This is not how it has always been, oh no. The first three or four pieces we put together we learned from our mistakes. So far this week we've put together our new kitchen table, two of the six chairs, a bathroom cabinet, a desk, a hutch (this was a three-night job), couches, and more. Plus we've unloaded a ton of boxes, and our house is really starting to come together.

As I mentioned in previous posts, we have three main floor bedrooms, the first is our master bedroom, and then we have my doll room, and last we have the library. Today we've spent the majority of the day in the library, and it is coming together so beautifully!

Here are some photos. The couch is new (Ikea!) as is the desk (that is actually where I am right now). There are four large bookshelves in the room, one near the door that I have yet to get a photo of, because there is a huge pile of tools in front of it. We plan to hang up a painting above the couch, and the half empty bookshelves are obviously not done, but it is a work in progress:

Mabel enjoys the new leather couch. We are going to hang a painting above the couch in a little bit.
Here is a photo of where I am sitting now. The window has a beautiful view of a maple, and the desk is newly set up. Sweet!
I've also been spending a great deal of time in the doll room. I've really wanted to get this de-cluttered and set up. Most things are done, but a few things are missing (mainly Kit's bedside table, damn it). Lei Mei's room still needs to be worked on, but everything else is done. (Sorry for the amount of photos, I always get excited about my doll room.)

Here is the view of the room right when you walk in. The pink shelves? Ikea of course!
Here is the other side of the room. I need to move the trunk in front of the closet to make the closet accessible. But isn't the pink wingback perfect!?
Here is a photo of Violet's room. Don't you love her floor lamp? Ikea!
And here is Kit's attic room, sans her bedside table.
Lei Mei's room is a work in progress, I can't seem to find her tablecloth.
And Violet's closet, neat huh?
Now the entire house is not complete, but something else we are extremely proud of is our new hutch. Assembling this beast was a three-night job, but it was worth it! This is in our kitchen right next to our table.
Everything doesn't look as clean as these few rooms, oh no. Here is what the hall looks like, after we unloaded our books for the library:
More photos to come!


  1. Everything looks great! I'm embarassed to say that I know the names of most of your Ikea stuff. We've got SIX Ikea Lack Wall Shelves in the living room/ offices (in birch effect) and FIVE Expedit 2x4 units and another big white 4x4 one for doll stuff. When we moved here last year, we were at Ikea pretty much every weekend. Did you forward your mail yet? When we moved, our USPS moving in packet had a $250.00 off coupon if you spent more than 1K.

    Question: does Violet know she's moving? I haven't told her since I didn't know if you wanted it to be a surprise! She earned yet another Jr. Ranger badge today, but I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera, so no photos.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Colette, bummer about no photos, however Violet has had such a blast with you, one day without photos will barley make a dent.

    Violet does not now she is moving, I plan to make an album on her return! What fun!


  3. Everything is coming together so nicely. I am super jealous of your doll room. It is wonderful. I love Violet's lamp. I am going to have to look for that at Ikea. And the pink and light teal are gorgeous together. What better colors for a doll room!

    So sorry to hear about the car accident that really is a bummer. :(


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