Monday, August 25, 2008

I am so so so tired, and so happy!

We moved! Well mostly moved. 95% of our things are at the new house. The 5% that is still at the condo is all the miscellaneous things that I didn't pack, and are scattered everywhere. Over the next few days E and I will move those things too.

Here is a breakdown of how the weekend went. I promise to post photos ASAP, but alas, the computers at home are not set up, and so I have yet to upload my photos onto the computers.

On Saturday at 12:01 I pulled into my brand new driveway. I couldn't wait to get started, there was a ton of work to do! E and I painted and painted and painted. My dad came over and helped, he is wonderful to donate his time. The painting went as expected. It was a really long day, and we needed to make two extra Home Depot runs because we ran out of both gold and blue paint. Finally at 8:45 pm we were done. And we were so tired. We went out to a cheap Italian restaurant for dinner and were barley able to keep our eyes open as we ate. By 9:30 we were back at the condo and fell into bed. Before we fell asleep we commented on that this was the last night we would spend in the condo. We were a little sad.

On Sunday we woke up bright an early at 7:30 and started working full steam ahead. By 9:00 final boxes were packed, dressers were unloaded, all of our last minute bathroom things were loaded and the dinning room was rearranged. Then the moving party showed up. My aunt and cousin, E's dad Steve, my dad, E's brother David, E's mom and sister, and soon my mom and Grandma. It was amazing! We were like little ants. Within a half an hour the garage which was FULL of boxes was empty. Then Steve decided to rent a truck for the big items, and an hour later all our furniture was loaded. At the new house things were happening just as quickly. Boxes were being placed in their new homes, furniture was being unloaded and my Grandma and mom unloaded all the kitchen boxes and put things away.

Our house was coming together before our eyes. The men were the hardest workers, and were wonderful. E, David, my dad and Steve loaded and unloaded the heaviest furniture and lifted items over their head to place them in their designated spots. It was amazing and I was so grateful. Steve and my dad were amazing, the two of them carried our solid wood stereo case down the stairs and placed it perfectly in the basement room. This stereo case weights easily 250 lbs. and just the two of them moved it. Wow.

A funny side note: Steve rented the huge truck and drove it to our new house. He wanted to pull it as close as possible to the front of the house and the top of the truck hit our tree. A large branch pulled off the tree and got stuck on the truck's roof. Steve felt worried and happy he had purchased the rental insurance, but the rest of us were laughing because the truck looked camouflaged, with the huge leafy branch stuck to the roof.

Finally around 4:00 most of our helpers headed home, and E and I went back to the condo to get the kitties. They were so nervous and scared. The condo was empty and they didn't like when we loaded them into the cat carriers. Moose was mewing and crying, it was so sad. We loaded them into the cars and drove the quick commute to the new house.

Once at the new house we took all three kitties downstairs to the large TV room and closed all the doors. We opened the cat carriers and watched. Moose was so so scared, he tried his hardest to stay in the cat carrier, it was one thing that smelled like home. Finally he spotted his kitty scratching house, and made a run for it and hasn't left since (he is still there this morning). Rumpus sniffed around a little and then found a small space between the wall and a table that was leaning agaisnt it, and didn't come out until 3:00 am. Mabel, on the other hand, is so funny. She didn't seem worried in the slightest and decided she is quite happy in the new house and loves all the views out the windows. As E and set up our new kitchen table from Ikea, we had to use the drill. That didn't even phase Mabel, she just relaxed with us. She's so funny.

The house is perfect, we couldn't be happier. I'll post more later, with lots of photos.

Oh, and a little shout out to Colette, my doll friend in New York. She is hosting Violet right now, and last weekend went to Cape Cod. The photos that she took of Inky and Violet are adorable, you must check out Violet's blog, it is too cute to miss.

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  1. I am so excited for you. And totally jealous. I am so tired of living with stupid girls whom you have to fight living space with and the only place where you can do your own thing is your bedroom! My own personal haven.



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