Monday, December 07, 2009

Few more of my favorite photos

If you're not into lots of photos, you're reading the wrong blog. Now that I have the most adorable model the world has to offer, this blog is going into photo overdrive. Never is my camera far away, and it seems like I'm always reaching for it. I don't ever want to forget how little this guy is. He's adorable.

James in one of his polar bear outfits sleeping in front of the Christmas tree.
In the last few days James has realized he can stretch out, no longer is he in utero, and no longer do I swaddle him during the day. He loves his new found freedom, and sometimes sleeps with an arm or leg extended into the air.
His hands are so small. The other day I was looking at his fingers, and looking at his ring finger on his left hand. I told him there will one day be a ring there, and I hope whoever he finds makes him truly truly happy, as his Daddy has done for me. As you can imagine, this brought on an entire wave of tears. But it's true, one day James will make someone (other than his teary Mother) really happy.
I just love his hands.
After nursing him this morning James was pulling all sorts of faces. He seems to grin a lot when he's in this half sleep state, so I grabbed my camera, and I caught one! Not only did I capture a closed mouth elf grin, but I caught a full-on open mouthed grin! Yea me! And the last one totally crack me up. I rolled him on his back to see if he wanted to smile anymore. He looks a little perturbed that I have my camera out, again.


  1. That is histaricle! That was how I felt this morning when I descovered that "due to corporate policy, I may no longer access gmail and several other sites..." In fact, some of your photos on your blog show up, and some do not... weird. Then I discovered the IT staff forgot to lock-down my reote machine! Yeah! I'm back, for the time being. :(


  2. I love the new pictures at the bottom of all his expression! Too cute!!!


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